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The Story of Villiera Wines & The Pebbles Project

Villiera Wines is home to the Pebbles Project who enrich the lives of 1000’s of Children in the Winelands of the Western Cape by focusing on 5 key areas: Education, Health, Nutrition, Community and Protection. Villiera is also home to The Owethu Clinic.

Villiera Wines Indigenous Tree Planting Project

In the Villiera Wildlife Sanctuary, conservation efforts for both game and vegetation take place alongside a determined indigenous tree- planting project. Well over 100 000 indigenous trees have been planted in an attempt to green fallow land and provide mitigation for our carbon footprint.

The Michelangelo ACS Cap Classique Trophy goes to Villiera Monro Brut

Villiera scoops the Michelangelo African Cellar Supppliers Cap Classique TROPHY for their prestige cuvee, Monro Brut 2014. Monro Brut is the flagship cuvee in Villiera’s Cap Classique stable and has won numerous accolades including a SAWI Platinum and Best Cap Classique in South Africa, a 5

Villiera Rainwater Harvesting

In 2017 Villiera installed a Rainwater Harvesting system. All roof water is now diverted from the roofs through rudimentary filters into the irrigation dams. In a normal rainfall year this adds 6 000 000 litres of quality rainwater to the water in the dams.

Rose All Day - Villiera Wines

Wines of South Africa focused on South African Rosé on the 24th July - we put this story line together on our Villiera Tradition Brut Rosé. It takes a couple of years across all the seasons, creating a number of jobs to perfect this magical rosé bubble.

Villiera's Bees

Villiera has over 40 bee hives and we sell pure honey in our tasting room. The Bees are very happy and productive on Villiera. We have moved away from cultivation in the vineyard using natural weeds to form mulch. Most of these flower and are a good source of food for insects such as bees. The ma

Cap Classique Day 2020 - Villiera Wines

We were all in the need of something to celebrate this year - there was a lot of support around the world Cap Classique Day on the 1st September. Many joined in, drinking a toast to this awesome proudly South Africa bottle fermented bubbly category.

Second Fermentation

Villiera Wines - Second Fermentation

The Villiera Lockdown Chain

The Villiera Lockdown Chain

Jeff - Wine & Golf club pairing

Jeff watched Nathan pairing wine to music and decided he did not want to be outdone, so he hauled out the golf clubs. Not sure that has been done before – a wine and golf club pairing? We think lockdown is getting to him and he’

Journey of Giraffes

The Villiera Wildlife Sanctuary Giraffes are getting so used to Simons vehicle during lockdown.. It may be a while before any of us can venture forth on our next journey. In the meantime Cathy toasts supporters of Villiera and South Africa

Kyle Dods shows us how to shuck an Oyster

The one and only Kyle Dods of The Mussel Monger shows us how to shuck an Oyster - paired with our very own Villiera Tradition Brut, of course. Those of you who have attended our Fizzy festival will have experienced this combination before.

Simon in the Vineyards

Simon telling us what would have been going on in the vineyards if lockdown had not happened and what the next steps are.

Simon supplimenting feed in Wildlife Sanctaury during lockdown

Simon supplimenting feed in Wildlife Sanctaury during lockdown.

Blending Villiera Cap Classique base wines

Villiera’s winemakers spending a day during lockdown going through 36 base wines to put together the blends for Tradition Brut & Rose Brut, Starlight, Brut Natural and Monro Brut. Once the blends are decided they go into bottle fo

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