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Kyle Dods shows us how to shuck an Oyster

The one and only Kyle Dods of The Mussel Monger shows us how to shuck an Oyster - paired with our very own Villiera Tr read more »

Simon Supplementing feed in the Wildlife Sanctuary

Whilst the winemakers have been in the cellar keeping themselves very busy performing essential post-harvest activities, Simon has travelled 600 km’s around and around the farm keeping the vineyard and animals going.

This has included vita

Villiera Staff

A number of Villiera’s members of staff living on the farm grow vegetables and trees in their back gardens. #SAWineLockdown has provided them with a lot of extra time to work in their gardens, supplement their income and provide the rest of us with a great variety fresh,

As free as a bird - Villiera

This was Villiera’s ‘Freedom Day’ video and shows birds captured from the home offices at Villiera.


The Lockdown Chain

This was the team at Villiera sharing a ‘toast’ with customers showing each of their products.

Villiera Tradition, Villiera Monro Merlot, Villiera Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc, Villiera Monro Brut, Villiera Jasmine

Second Fermentation

What makes Cap Classique so special?

Second fermentation with Xander Grier. This process begins after blending the base wines and adding yeast & sugar for a second fermentation to happen in the bottle creating the magic bubble.

Jeff presenting Villiera's Red Wines

Jeff presenting Villiera’s Red Wines. Villiera Cabernet Sauvignon, The Clan and Winemaker’s Guild Cabernet Franc

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Jeff - 2020 Harvest

The 2020 Harvest. This is Jeff talking about Villiera’s 2020 harvest.

#stellenbosch2020 read more »

Xander talking about Villiera's Stand Alone Gamay

Villiera Stand Alone Gamay Noir, Old Vine Project, from an old bush vine block planted on Villiera in 1981 - A single vineyard registered with the “Old Vine Project”.

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Cathy talking about Villiera's Sauvignon Blancs

Cathy prepared a message on Earth Day bringing in Villiera’s Down to Earth an

Kudu Bull on the Villiera Wildlife Sanctuary

A Kudu Bull on the Villiera Wildlife Sanctuary behaving in rather a strange fashion?

Villiera Fizzytherapy 2019

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Villiera Secrets of Summer

MCC promo video @Clifton Beach, New Years Eve #Fizzytherapy
Available at secrets of summer
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Making Of Villiera Monro Merlot

Jeff Grier, winemaker @Villiera Wines, talks about the making of the Monro Merlot.

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