The story behind the Villiera BRANDS

VILLIERA: Our chief brand relating to the property name which is named after the original owners - the de Villiers family. Our single varietal wines all fall under the VILLIERA Brand with no sub-brand. These include a range of white wines, a range of red wines and one Cap Classique (our additive free Brut Natural - Chardonnay).

From the 2014 vintage of the varietal Villiera whites and from the 2013 of vintage the varietal Villiera reds, the labels will undergo a complete change to reflect all that Villiera is about (a lot has changed since the Grier family took over in 1983) . The front label looks more natural with the brand rooted in the soil and a bird placed in different areas depending on the varietal. The back labels will carry up to nine different illustrations which tell some of our stories (eg. Duck and the snail, natural energy, leave an impression….) – all of these can be seen at

MONRO: Used for our flagship red blend and our Prestige Cap Classique Cuvee (i.e. Monro and Monro Brut). Monro is a family name - the second name of all the Grier men in the family. These are our two most awarded wines. Small production reserve wines at the top end.

TRADITION: An important Cap Classique sub-brand for Villiera Wines (made by the TRADITIONAL method). This is made up of Tradition Brut NV and Tradition Rose Brut NV. The name comes from an association we had with a French Champagne producer back in 1984 when we started making bottle fermented sparkling wine (Tradition de Charles de Fere).

DOWN TO EARTH: A brand reflecting what Villiera stands for: environmentally responsible (looking after the earth in which our vines grow and returning the rest to its natural state), reliable, consistent and good value. Our Down to Earth range presently includes: Down to Earth White (Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon) and Down to Earth Red (Touriga Nacional/ Shiraz).

FIRED EARTH: This is the name given to our Late Bottled Vintage style fortified dessert wine. The grapes are late picked from EARTH baked by the sun and fermentation is stopped by the addition of a FIERY spirit which is distilled over a fire. Fired Earth can be enjoyed around the winter fire and it warms your heart.

INSPIRATION: This was a name given to a Noble Late Harvest produced by Villiera Wines when conditions are favourable. Our cellar master, Jeff Grier, went to the Loire valley after winning the Chenin Blanc Challenge and became "INSPIRED" by the many great sweet Chenin Blancs he tasted, hence the name.

MOTHER EARTH: A brand reserved for special red wines produced by Jeff Grier exclusively for the Cape Independent Winemakers Guild. 

SHOOTING STAR: A brand reserved for a very special reserve Cap Classique produced in the very best vintages exclusively for the Cape Independent Winemakers Guild.

GROOT GELUK: This is a brand produced exclusively for our Agents in Belgium - we supply the Groot Geluk Cap Classique for Delhaize.

CROWS FOUNTAIN: A range of wines made by Villiera exclusively for Marks and Spencer in the UK, fall under this brand. The name comes from our original family farm - a combination of an underground spring and the many Crows that could be found there.

STARLIGHT: The name given to Villiera's LIGHT Cap Classique. The first low alcohol MCC in South Africa. Ties in with LIGHT being an attitude, drunk by the stars, under the stars...
JASMINE: In 2014 Villiera added a new wine to the range. To satisfy the demand for a more aromatic style Villiera put a blend together of the three fragrant varietals at their disposal (Muscat, Gewurz and Riesling). The exotic, floral nose on this wine is reflected in the name (Jasmine) chosen to convey to the consumer a hint of what they can expect .
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