Villiera Food & Wine Matching

Villiera Food & Wine Matching

Villiera Méthode Cap Classique
Sparkling Wines

Match with:

Tradition Brut N/V Asparagus, Avocado, Sushi, Chinese, Thai, Smoked Snoek, Gravlax, Omelets, grilled white fish kebabs & Chicken satay.
Tradition Brut Rosé N/V Smoked Salmon Trout, Strawberries, Sashimi, Kippers, fruit based desserts & dark chocolate.
Starlight Brut N/V Tandoori Kebabs, almonds, prosciutto, raspberries, Asian dishes & popcorn.
Brut Natural Oysters, Creamy white cheeses, grilled white fish and Prawns, savory canapés, crab stuffed mushrooms, spinach & salmon roulade.
Monro Brut Caviar, Oysters, Salmon, Mussels, Crayfish, Soufflé, Foie Gras, scallops & Dim Sum.


Villiera White Wines  
Down to Earth White White meat fish, terrines, seafood pasta, gazpaccio, quiche, minestrone, risotto & Chicken and mushroom pie.
Jasmine Cape Malay curries, Poached Pears with Roquefort, spring rolls, samosas, gravlax & spicy Asian dishes.
Sauvignon Blanc Chicken, Creamy cheeses, Bouillabaisse, Grilled Fish, Asparagus, Squid, Cajun dishes, Grilled sardines, Fish paté, Chicken salad, Clam chowder, Avocado, tomato & Mango salsa
Bush Vine Blanc Fume Mussels, Parma Ham, Marinated grilled prawns, Smoked Chicken and Salmon, Roast Mediterranean vegetables, quail, sole, snails, Paella, Trout, almonds, Salad Nicoise & Artichoke and spinach salad.
Chenin Blanc Mezze, Tuna, Chicken, turkey, pork belly, Grilled yellowtail, Melon and Parma Ham, roast root vegetables, Tempura Prawns & Vegetables
Traditional Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc Truffles, Crayfish, Scallops, peaches, Roast Chicken, Duck, Pork chops and apple sauce, Cioppino (seafood stew) & four cheese gnocchi.


Villiera Red Wines  
Down to Earth Red Goatsmilk cheeses, biltong salad, bacon quiche, sausages, lamb stew, Mushroom pate, salmon, spaghetti bolognaise & Souvlaki.
Merlot Duck, pasta, veal, lamb, Tuna, roast game birds, Italian sausage soup, Falafel and cucumber salad, Bobotie, Coq au vin & Tomato tart.
Cabernet Sauvignon Veal, pan-fried beef steaks, venison, grilled lamb chops, Garlic Prime Rib, Pepper steak, mushroom risotto & parmesan.
Pinotage Ham, Osso bucco, venison, spicy stews, moussaka, Cassoulet & roast pork Lasagna.
Monro Mature hard cheeses, Roast beef, ostrich, calves liver & Duck with berry sauce.


Villiera Dessert Wines  
Inspiration NLH Strong and salty cheeses, Foie Gras, Caramelized fruit & Nut based desserts. All desserts actually.

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