Environmental Awareness
Viticulturist Simon Grier has always been a keen supporter of maintaining environmentally friendly vineyard practices. The farm has not sprayed insecticides for the past thirteen years and a flock of 1000 Peking ducks are responsible for some natural pest control.  
There is a strong focus on water conservation, recycling and a greening project (currently in progress), which entails the planting of 1000's of indigenous trees on the farm. This philosophy has led to a vibrant eco-system on the farm, including huge flocks of guinea fowl and pheasant as well as steenbok, Cape foxes, grey mongooses, porcupines and the threatened blue crane. 

In 2010 Villiera Wines installed solar power to supply all Villiera's daytime requirements outside of harvest time. This involves approximately 950 square metres of solar panels mounted on cellar roofs capable of generating 132 KW of power. This was the biggest roof mounted Solar Project in South Africa at the time.
This eco-friendly approach has borne fruit with Villiera being accepted as suppliers to Marks & Spencer in the UK and Woolworths in South Africa.

In 2009 the 220Ha Villiera Wildlife Sanctuary was opened. 
BWI member (Biodiversity + Wine Initiative - www.bwi.co.za).
IPW accreditation (Integrated Production of Wine - an environmental sustainability scheme; www.ipw.co.za).

From 2010 all Villiera wines will carry the new Sustainability Seal issued by SAWIS (The SA Wine and Spirit Board).

Villiera was awarded the M&S Overseas Plan A in Action award in 2010 and in 2014 we received the M&S partnership award. Its all about "Doing the right thing". Click here to read more.

2011 ETA Awards: Energy Efficiency Champion Runner-up

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